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just to get some (see Customer Comments for the story). Many, many years ago, bread was baked on natural stone, using wood heat.  Andi takes you back to those times when life was simple and bread tasted distinctively earthy. The journey begins by carefully creating and cultivating a wild yeast sourdough culture, other cultures, pre-fermented sponges and starters, and preparing ingredients, all of which need regular attention (up to several times a day).



About Andi


A Swiss bakery


discreetly nestled on acreage in paradise, with a magnificent Rocky Mountain view… This is where you’ll find one of Invermere’s best kept secrets – Andi Schöni, baking up a batch of Schöni Artisan Breads in his custom-built wood oven, or creating yet another masterpiece. With Swiss precision, he’s able to create freely, not being bound by all those bakers’ rules, but taking the extra time needed to properly prepare every step and ingredient.



What's New?

You may now order online directly through this link: http://www.internetworks.ca/woodovenbread.ca/order/. Any closure dates are also in this link.

Beware of imitations.  Ask questions. If it's not made by Andi Schöni, it's not authentic Schöni Artisan Wood Oven Breads.

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